Initial reading learning in multiple technologies

  • Vera Wannmacher Pereira Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
  • Danielle Baretta Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre/RS
  • Patrícia Martins Valente
Keywords: Initial learning of reading, reading comprehension, linguistic awareness, multiple technologies.


The authors present an excerpt from a study developed on "initial reading learning, using multiple technologies, focused on reading comprehension and linguistic awareness", based on Psycholinguistics in Interface with computing. The object of this research are elementary school students of the initial 2nd year who demonstrate competence in decoding, but present difficulties of comprehension. For this purpose, have been organized modules of teaching reading with support in different textual genres. In this excerpt, the authors first expose the characteristics of this study, occupying, for this, the space of the introduction. Next, they provide their theoretical foundations, clarifying the key concepts of language, linguistic plans, linguistic awareness, reading comprehension and decoding, concepts that support the study. Subsequently, they present a teaching module, as an example of teaching reading materials generated in multiple technologies, analyzing their construction. Finally, they comment on their possibilities of use in school and their relevance to learning to read.

Author Biographies

Danielle Baretta, Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre/RS

Master in Linguistics from PUCRS.

Patrícia Martins Valente

Master in Linguistics from PUCRS.

Pedagogia / Didática