Centenary of Sophia: a reading project at a TEIP school (“Educational Territories of Priority Intervention”)

  • Teresa Costa Pereira Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto de Educação; Agrupamento de Escolas Alto do Lumiar
  • Nuno Ventura Agrupamento de Escolas Alto do Lumiar


In this article, we will report on a reading project that was held at a TEIP[1] school in Lisbon, starting with the celebrations of the centenary of the writer Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. Responding to the invitation launched by APP, the selection of passages of the author's works was integrated into a larger project in which literacy skills were developed, while attitudes of autonomy, responsibility and critical spirit were promoted.
From the reading of writer's works, activities were carried out in order to make her life known while it is promoted the direct contact with literary writing, the analyze of the narrative's structure, the access to new and diversified vocabulary, the introduction to literariness and the development of oral comprehension skills.

[1] Educational Territories of Priority Intervention