The reader's formation in the text of Clarice Lispector

  • Verônica Araújo Pontes Universidade do Estado do rio Grande do Norte (UERN)
  • Hilma Garcia da Silva Rede de Ensino do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte/Brasil
Keywords: reading, children's literature, reading pleasure, reader


This paper aims to present an analysis about Clarice Lispector's (1998) tale "Amizade clandestina"(Clandestine Happiness"), focusing on her main character and relating her actions, as well as avid reader, with the pleasure that reading can cause. In addition, we have raised a discussion about school and the training of readers. With this purpose, we try to clarify the reader about the concept of reading, reader, children's literature and what is said about the pleasure of reading. For this, we used as a method a comparative study, based on the theoretical contributions of Barthes (1973), Smith (1997), Araújo (1996), Coelho (2007), Braith (2013) and Zilberman (2012), among others.

Estudos literários